Saturday, October 30, 2010

Flames Sign Geodude

It was announced today that the Calgary Flames have resigned defensemen Mark "Geodude" Giordano for 4 million a year for 5 year.

I think this is a decent signing. I would have preferred 3.5 a year, but the length is just right. I never liked signing defensemen to huge money filled contracts unless they are a deal breaker (Oldschool Lidstrom, Newschool Doughty). The Jay Blow signing has still scarred me for life.

This of course means we are investing heavily into our back end, but thankfully Sarich's contract is almost up so that is 3 million off the books and we probably shouldn't resign shitty Ian White unless he takes a huge pay cut, so that's another 3 million.

Overall, I'm happy with the signing as Geodude is the all around defensemen we thought Jay Blow would be.


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