Friday, September 24, 2010

Pulling a Philly 101

The Flames are currently over 2 million dollars above the set cap space. However, with Langkows spine still causing him problems, and Stajan being a little bitch, their hit comes off the books. This is great news for the team and I have a feeling that this theme will be reoccurring all year kind of like the Flyers.

This strategy will work as long as the players are placed on long term IR and heal up just in time for the playoffs (assuming we make it)

Amazing things that could happen this season:

1) We realize Backlund sucks

2) Eberle, MPS, Hall all get nominated for Calder Trophy. As much as I hate Edmonton, that would be SICK. Also fun fact, all of Edmonton's first round picks since 2007 (Gagner, Eberle, MPS,Hall) will be playing in 2010.

How many of the Flames first round picks since 2007 are playing with us in 2010. Wait that's too unfair. How many of the Flame's first round picks are in the NHL this year since 2000? Four. (Kobasew, Nystrom, Phaneuf, Backstrom) *points gun in mouth*

3) Crosby scoring 65 goals when he rages because his team is useless other than Malkin

4) Bobby Poo is worse than ever before and we all laugh

5) I win my fantasy hockey pool


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