Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lack of Competitive Spirit at Flames Camp

With the signing of Tanguay and Jokinen in the summer, many Flames fans were hoping that a line of Iginla, Tanguay and Jokinen would be formed. Rather than waiting until the end of preaseason to see the level of compete amongst all the flames players and then determine who deseveres to play with Iginla, Sutter has decided to just hand the first line positions over to tanguay and jokinen.

How is this fair to Mikael Backlund, Hagman, Stajan or Bourque? All players deserved an equal chance to show what they can bring the team against the likes of lowly tanguay and jokinen. Tanguay played on a team where steven stamkos scored 50 goals and tanguay couldnt even score 15 himself. Jokinen was the biggest washed up bum ever floating around the league not finishing any chance he was given. Yet Sutter has determined that in the old boys club known as the calgary flames, you can earn your position on the top line without working for it, without having a good season the year before and especially without showing heart.

This may be an early forecast but i think the flames might be able to expect more from their second line than their first line this season. A line with bourque, langkow, and backlund could show a hell of a lot more heart than a line with a Gay and a Joke. If the second line outperforms the first it would be similar to the canucks 05-06 season when the sedin line emerged and began to outproduce the nazzy, bert b-mo line.


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