Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The latests news

Niemi is being walked over his 2.75 mil contract. Good on chicago. That would be overpaying a nobody for a stanley cup run. Its only because they are stuck with huets 5 mil salary over the next two years. What would you rather have? Pay huet 5 million for the next two seasons or 1.5 million for the next 4 seasons and he doesn't have to play. I would choose the latter.

Erik johnson of the blues got a 2 year 5 mil deal. He was first overall pick a few years back but with all his injuries and his defensive nature we have not seen his prowess yet. Look for this guy to fill the shoes of scott neidermyer in a few years.

Flames assistant gm Feaster says that we can expect kotalik to be suiting up this season. He'll be on the fifth line with mikael backlunds dump and harvey the hound dog. I think darryl is going to give kotalik a few months this year before being bought out just in case kotalik actually remembers how to play hockey. The flames still look like one of the biggest jokes in hockey right now. There's three salaries that are really killing them: j-blow (not because he sucks but because he makes to much), rangkow (because he's not playing lik 07 rangkow that got the big contract) and kota-reek (nuff said). All in all those players make 14 million dollars, more than the illustrious huet/ campbell duo in chicago.

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