Wednesday, August 4, 2010

500th post. Random Thoughts

I did not realize Calgary's cap situation was that bad until Harc mentioned it in his last post. Rangkow is on the books for 4.5 mil, so Darryl is secretly hoping that he is injured for at least half the season.

Random thoughts and news

-Mike Modano has pulled a Mats Sundin and signed with the Red Wings after spending his entire career with the Stars (Minnesota and Dallas). He is also changing his number to 90 instead of 9, because Mr. Gordie Howe's number is retired in Detroit. This is a stupid idea. He puts a dent in his handsome legacy to play with a team for one year, and then retire. Mats sucked in Vancouver, and Mike will suck in Detroit. He should have just retired after that amazing send -off he got in Minnesota and Dallas. He seems like a good , sexy man, but he really can't take a hint.

-Teemu to the Flames (E1). This would be a perfect fit in every aspect. Let me break it down. Darryl loves getting old veteran players, and Teemu fits that mold perfectly, but unlike the other veterans that Darryl gets, I think Teemu's still got juice in him if he can stay healthy.
Since Sutter's tenure in Calgary, the Finnish population has jumped over 300%. Kippersoft, Hagman, Jokenin comprise of that huge statistical leap. Teemu should come join the party. He's played with all the guys during the Olympics, he would fit in perfectly.

-Ian White for 1 year , 3 million isn't bad. Next year, him and Geodude are free agents and we Geodude will probably be asking in that range too, so we will have to let White walk. The Flames have to trade Regher, make sure Rangkow is healthy, but unable to play, ship Kotareke to Siberia, and dump David Moss in the minors

Top 5 Fantasy Pool Advice - Enticing players that you should wait on

1) Henrik Sedin - Yeah, yeah, he won the Art Ross without his brother for a lot of the season, but there's no way he's repeating that shit. I would stay away from him until after the Top 5

2) Brad Richards - He won't be a top 10 scorer again this year, try to nab him later

3) Patrick Marleau - Played well last year because it was a contract year. He slid off near the end and he won't hit the 40goal plateau again this year, that's for sure

4) Marian Gayborik - How did he NOT get injured last year? If you can get Gay in the 10-20 spot, that'd be a steal!!!! With Gaborik, you ALWAYS have to factor in the "railing up the ass" factor which causes him to usually miss 30-40 games a season

5) Tomas Plekanc - ...

Next up - Sleeper Picks!!

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