Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friday is rfa frenzy

Both ian white and everyones favorite aunt, auntie niemi, are going in front of an arbitrator. Both are interesting cases because they are two players that deserve huge raises on teams already strapped with cash.

Mark spector is reporting that he expects the flames to walk away from ian white. Even if white gets a high ruling of 4.5 million I could see the flames signing him. It will only be for two years and the flames have some players that are likely to be on IR at the start of the season to accomodate this, namely Rangkow (the illegitimate love child of robert lang and a cow... Moo!).

Niemi is more likely to be resigned than white. The blackwhores have dumped many players this summer. My guess is that if they weren't going to keep niemi they would have tried to keep bifugly or ladd. Niemi outplayed luongo and nabakov. He probably will be a nobody in two years, but its way to big of a risk to walk niemi. I honestly believe thay regardless of whether the blackwhores sign niemi or not that they will miss the playoffs this next season, and every subsequent season until they can ditch the 12 million devoted to brian campbell and crystal-balls-in-face huet.

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