Monday, February 22, 2010

why canada will still win gold

we are the best team on paper in the tournament. we have worked hard the first two games passing the puck. at times we passed so much that the coaches were asking us to play more selfish. in this game we shot so much and weren't able to make smart passes because we could not get into the ruight positions offensively to score goals. but we will win because we have been working hard at melding as a team while the other teams have just been focused on playing their best hockey. canada is getting better every game offensively, and now luongo is going to come in and step up the goaltending. with luongo in net three goals should be enough to win any hockey game, and canadas offense is easily capable of scoring four or five, even against the russsians or the swedes.

prediction in thursdays game: canada 5 germany 2.

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