Sunday, February 28, 2010

Grading Team Canada

My Grades for the Team Canada Individuals:

Fleury: N/A
Brodeur: D (Shaky against Switzerland and lost us the first USA game)
Luongo: B+ (Let in weak goals but came up big when it mattered)

Pronger: D (You know you're bad when people are relieved when you don't make a mistake)
Neidamayer: B+ (Started off bad but really got going and was really good in Gold Medal Game)
Doughty: A+ (Wow.)
Keith: A (Solid)
Seabrook: D (This guy booked his trip home during the summer. Mike Green or Jay Bow should have been there over him. The only reason why he was on the team was cause Keith was good and he tagged along and they would have chemistry but Keith stepped up and Seabrook did nothing)
Boyle: B (Had flahses of sweatness)
Weber: B+

Rick Nash: A (All heart)
Jonathan Toews: A+ (DONT TOEWS ME BRO)
Patrice Bergeron: C (I'm sorry but you are on this team to win faceoffs and you can't even do that. ... at least he did ok on PK
Mike Richards: A- (such good forecheck)
Marleau: B (meh)
Heatley: B+ (Sort of trailed off when the elimination games started)
THornton: F (ughhhhh)
Getzlaf: A (was so bad but then got so good)
Perry: A ( got so many goals in medal rounds)
Morrow: B- (grinded nice with getzlaf and perry and owned the Russians)
Staal: B- (mehhhhhhhhh)
Iginla: B+ (GAME WINNING ASSIST!!!!!!!)


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