Friday, September 11, 2009

Those Crazy Russians

An interesting statistic ... there are only 30 Russians playing in the NHL. It's hard to believe because last season, 4 of the top 6 scorers were Russian. If you count Top 20 scorers, there are five Russians which means one in every six Roosky who enters the NHL becomes a crazy point-per-game level player.

2008-2009 Scoring Russians (Top 20)
1) Evgeni Malkin
2) Alexander Ovechkin
4) Pavel Datsyuk
6) Ilya Kolvachuck
19) Alexander Semin

I shat myself. 16.67% of Russian Players are in the Top 20 of scoring and 13.33% are TOP 6. TOP SIX!?!?!?!??!?!

2008-2009 Scoring Canadians (Top 20)
3) Sidney Crosby
7) Ryan Getzlaf
8) Jarome Iginla
9) Marc Savard
11) Joe Thornton
12) Jeff Carter
13) Mike Cummaleri
16) Martin St. Louis
17) Mike Richards
18) Rick Nash

Canada has more players and therefore more elite scorers. However there are 389 Canadian players in the league making 2.57% of Canadian scorers Top 20. We only have 1 player in the Top 6 with Sidney Crosby so that's a 0.257%.

Too bad we're still gonna win the gold.


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  1. Evidentally wearing a visor and being a pussy adds 20% to your scoring potential over the course of a season.