Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Sports Fame Test

I have invented a new test after watching Shaq Vs.
After watching Shaq get larger ovations and more fanatic screaming than the athletes he was competing against, I thought to myself, how famous is Shaq?

That is how The Sports Fame Test(TSFT) was born. It's a hypothetical test where if you were to ask any female (*between the ages of 18 - 50) of the existence of a certain athlete, 95% of them would know of the athlete and what sport he played.

*The reason for the age limit is because younger than 18 they weren't alive long enough and are really really stupid, and above 50 they care about nothing

I hypothetically asked 100 women if they new a number of athletes, and the following have been inducted in the Sports Fame Hall of Fame:

Retired Athletes:

Baseball - Babe Ruth
Hockey - Wayne Gretzky
Basketball - Michael Jordan
Boxing - Mike Tyson

Active Athletes:
Basketball - Shaq, Kobe Bryant
Golf - Tiger Woods

As you can see, all of these athletes were spectacular at their sport. However, Mike Tyson and Kobe Bryant only get inducted because one is legally insane and the other raped a girl. I'm sure that everyone in the states knows of Joe Montana(and maybe some other football players) and Lebron James, but not many people in Canada do so they don't get inducted quite yet. My advice to Lebron James is to win four Championships and then bite off someone's ear.


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