Wednesday, April 8, 2009

When will Mats Sundin come out of his coma?

Mats sundin hasn't scored in his past 11 games. in the 20 or something games before that he had 9 goals. "Mats, don't you want your chunky soup?"

The great thing about the canucks, is we have been playing well lately, even without mats sundin having stepped up. rick rypien has been injured all season, and he is looking great. he can add a little bit to the team. if you look at anaheim mighty ducks of 06 as a lesson, you need to have a decent fourth line in order to win. rick the ripper is a physical asset with the ability to score on the 4th line: 3 goals in all 3 of his games against the flames this year. he just has to stop fighting players that give him debilitating head blows to the face. your a light-weight rypien, don't kid yourself. leave fighting stortini up to o'brien or hordichuk.

The flames last night looked good. they outplayed vancouver. but you have to be concerned that the flames went 0 for 6 on the powerplay and they have had a bad powerplay for their last 4 games. the flames right now have a lot of players injured, and when they come back you can excpect the team to play even better.

both vancouver and canucks have something to look forward to.

Mats Sundin is on the IR for 2-3 weeks with a coma. he will continue to play hockey games, however he will float around the ice aimlessly, and occasionally get the second assist on a kesler goal.


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