Monday, April 27, 2009

Rangers Washington game 7

it really was a miracle on ice that the rangers made it into the playoffs at all. the florida panther general managers put money on their team to make the playoffs by offering free tickets to next seasons games if you pre-bought playoff tickets and the panthers didn't end up making the playoffs. unfortanately, down the stretch it was a competiton between the panthers, the ragers and the canadiens, to see who could play worse. all of them had bizaare things happen to them down the stretch. the canadiens benching kovaleve. the panthers almost trading bouwmeester. and the rangers cleaning shop by firing their coach and making a big slash in the trade deadline extravanganza of 2009, sacrificing their future in the form of prospects and draft picks to do well in this years playoffs. the rangers blow chunks. they are boring hockey to watch. lundqvist makes all the saves but gomez, drury and naslund have forgotten to score. all are under multi-year contracts and all are highly overpaid for the performance they've been giving in this years playoffs. if rangers end up blowing this series, then the sign of things to come is the rangers will only be getting worse. maybe in a few years we will be delighted to have another ranger team compiled witha bunch of overpaid egotistical bums like in the glory days when they had pavel bure, eric lindros and jaromir jagr.

but if the caps end up losing this series, it will be much worse for alex ovechkin, in the battle to decide who is better: crosby or ovechkin. it will be two years in a row where crosby has helped lead his team into the second round, while the alexander ovechkins one man train could not make it out of the first round.

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