Saturday, April 11, 2009

How to Fight Like a Pro: with Alexandre Burrows

In this 2nd Edition of 'How to be Like a Pro', BOWC gets exclusive tips on how to fight from Vancouver Canucks forward Alexandre Burrows. He explains how his fighting style is of 'European influence', and credits Sergei Samsonov with most of his techniques. However, he also tells us his patented Finisher, the world reknowned move the hockey world saw him use against Duncan Keith a few weeks ago.

FIGHTING TIPS with Alexandre Burrows:

Few things about fighting
  • Gets the crowd pumped
  • Gets the team pumped if you stand up for teammates or if your team needs a boost
  • Sergei Samsonov has been in one fight his entire career. It was in 2002 when he fought Sami Kapenen.
Now Alex's tips:
When an opposing player wants to fight, you should:
1) Stare at him like a deer in the headlights
2) Ask a player on your team if he can fight for you
3) Scream in terror
4) Do whatever you can to win
5) Enjoy the respect of your fans, teammates, and coach

Here are some pictures Alex drew of his favorite fighting techniques:

In the unfortunate incident you HAVE to fight:

If all goes according to plan, it's time to break out Alexandre's Finisher:

Now you know how to fight like a pro! Fighting is an important aspect of the game that can fire up a team and build momentum. Remember all the key tips, pointers, and diagrams! Also remember to leave your helmet and visor on at ALL times so that most punches won't get to your face. The Finisher is an effective technique, unless used against opponents with little hair, such as Jarome Iginla. Use it with caution!

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  1. if burrows is such a pussy, how come he injured phaneuf with a hit to the boards the other game. burrows is the canucks most valuable forward of the season. he's a pest, he scores goals, he plays with heart and hes physical. he has come up with the biggest goals of the season for the canucks. who cares if he lost his fight to some blackwhore.