Saturday, April 11, 2009

400th Post: the Calgary Flames injury Update

Congrats guys, we made it to 400. We will have paid our dues to the devil and will stop being slaves to this blog once we post 30,000. lets keep up the good work, we're almost there.

this post is about injuries, which is a very important topic if you are a calgary flames fan. the flames lost last night, kindly handing the division to the vancouver canucks. it is now looking like flames will finish 5th, and play chicago in the first round. it will be a good matchup and probably one of the best series in the first round, just because both teams are so even. only a couple of points separate them and both teams have a real physical element to their game. It will be beautiful hockey.

when it comes to injuries in chi-town, currently patrick sharp is injured for the blackwhores. he's one of their star players. however its an injury that he's working through and he should be back in the lineup tonight. versteeg is suffering the same type of injury. overall, the only other b'whores player with a long term injury is brent sopel, but he is expendable.

the flames on the otherhand have more pressing injury concerns. firstly, superstar forward rene bourque has been injured since he was slew-footed way back in february. he has been sadly missed in the goal scoring department since his departure. furthermore, 3 of calgary's 4 best defenseman are injured. regher and sarich have both been out ten days, and the IR states them as being "out indefinitely". Then there's the case of dion phaneuf. he's been playing awful lately, and many flames fans should question if they actually want him back. but he is a clutch playoff performer so its crucial that he comes back to the lineup soon. he got injured off of a hit by alex burrows in the game against vancouver the other day.

All in all, the first round should be a good series for chi-town and cal-city. but with all the flames injuries they are going to have their work set out for their against the blackhawks. if they can emerge out of the first round without many more injuries, they can hopefully expect to be a healthy team for the second round. but who knows? maybe the flames will lose in the first round for the 4th straight year.



  1. Correction: Calgary WILL lose in the first round for the 4th straight year if we play the Blackwhores

  2. Hal we're gonna play the blackhawks so its time to change your attitude. Get focused soldier!