Wednesday, March 18, 2009

West Coast Update

With the Canucks win last night they are now tied with the chicago blackhawks and only three points back of the struggling calgary flames. it was vancouvers tenth win in a row at home, which marks a franchise record.

tonight the flames will play the dallas stars (the team that the canucks beat last night). With Dallas's loss last night they dropped from 8th place to 9th place in the standings. should be a good game because each team is fighting for something very important. I wonder if the flames will start kipper or mcelhenney?

The other important game to watch is chicago and columbus. Fans of vancouver and calgary have to hope that this game does not go to overtime, because both these teams are hot on the heels of the north west team that is not leading the division. chicago has been playing poor of late, dropping three in a row. what is with all the teams sucking lately? at this time of year you have to be winning games, and the fact that chicago has lost three in a row could be a sign that their not ready for the playoffs, even if they do make it.

East Coast update:

The other night on CBC they were very hesitant to show the Sean Avery goal. media networks don't want to talk about sean avery because they feel he doesn't deserve any media spotlight after what he did to dion and elisha's realtionship. But the BOWC is a big fan of anything Sean Avery related. because we understad that he is an on ice contributor as well as an dressing room/on ice/off ice nuiscance. Avery's already got 4 goals in 7 games with the rangers, that is more goals than he got with dallas in 23 games. Avery is fitting in well in the big apple, even having time on the top line. In Last year in the playoffs he had 4 goals and 3 assists in 8 games for the rangers. I will be sure to pick him up in my playoff hockey pool this year. Top line from the eastern conference



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