Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Opportunity Round 4 and the Sean Avery Tri-Weekly Update

Alright, so the canucks have another chance to take the division today with a road win in Minnestota. Canucks can do a favour for Edmonton, anaheim and St'Louis, because if they win the game in regulation minnesota will likely be out of the playoff race. If it happens, Minny will be 3 points back of St. Louis, with 5 games left and the blues would have a game in hand. go nux

the reason that canucks have a chance to take the division is because of a blown opportunity by the calgary flames last night. they were at home, playing the future president cup winner, with a chance to make another statement game. instead they lost for their 6th regulation loss in 10 games. go flames

Did anyone see sean avery get rag-dolled last night. heres the clip

so apparently sean avery didn't want to fight. smart move. with his team in the hunt to secure a good position in the Eastern conference, why bother fighting late in the third period? your team is winning 3-0. its not like you need to give them some added emotion. but if you lose the fight and clarkson spurs on his team you could blow the lead. avery ended up getting two minutes and clarkson got 4 minutes. i think clarkson should have got 2 and avery nothing, or better yet give clarkson 4 and avery nothing. it was clear that avery did not want to fight why should he be penalized for a situation that clarkson drew him into, and furthermore avery did nothing in that situation. its unfair that avery gets penalized because he is sean avery. anytime their is fisticuffs and avery is nearby he gets a penalty. he's got the same unfair circumstances placed against him that todd bertuzzi has.



  1. The flames need wins but they played a good game yesterday. No one else has held san jose to 17 shots this season. The flames are having bad luck around the net these days though that's for sure.