Monday, March 30, 2009

A day after the Aftermath

Hal is right, something needs to be said from the vancouver blogger about this fight.

Firstly, i would like to start off by saying that if the canucks play chicago first round, we will be in pretty good shapre to win. we have humiliated the blackwhores in our last two meetings. we played them at home a couple weeks ago and beat them 7-4. And yesterday we destroyed them again 4-0. They are likely not looking forward to playing us again.

On the topic of the fights, it is clear that the canuck players got owned in every fight. Bieksa got power slammed to the ground (it would have been a nce transition to the walls of Jericho) and burrows had to pull his opponents hair so he would not be destroyed. then in the next shift daniel sedin got in a fight and he lost as well. but it is no surprise that canucks lost all these fights. they didn't want to fight, the blackwhores needed some output of energy because they were being humiliated in the hockey skills department of the game. the blackwhores got frustrated because they were being dominated and resulted to trying to regain some confidence by fighting.

The fight all starts when Byfuglien cross checks luongo in the face. that could have been an injury that took the canucks star player out of the lineup. it was dirty, and im surprised that he hasn't been suspended for it yet. i wouldn't be surprised if his suspension is announced later today or tomorow.

At first the canucks players didn't see byfuglien get the cheap shot in. but once they saw the replay on the jumbotron, then they start to retaliate. you can't let a goon like bi-fugly get away with a move like that.

so eager and bieksa start fighting first. this is probably the best fight i have seen all season. bieksa puts up a good fight and got a few nice shots in on eager. but you've gotta give eager the win to eager for the power slam at the 1:15 mark.

The refs were lucky to get byfuglien to the penalty box early, because the canuck players probably wanted to shit kick him. biugly was in the box before the fights broke out. but the blackwhores burrish did pussy out big time. o'brien the canucks best fighter was on the ice and wanted a piece of burrish. but the guy refused to fight and pretended that the referees were holding him down.eager and bieksa were allowed to fight so long undisturbed because all the refs were containing o'brien from killing burrish.

Then Burrows and Keith start fighting. Keith is a much bigger guy than burrows. burrows is yappy and a pest, but he can't fight someone way out of his league like keith. but when your goalie gets cheap shotted, you have to stand up for him and let the other team know that there will be retaliations and they will have to fight if they are going to take such cheap shots. burrows was pulling on keith's hair, because burrows did not want to fist fight him. it is a pussy move, but its the best move that burrows had given the circumstances, that did not involve getting shitkciekd from keith.

all in all, a playoff series between these two teams is going to be very interesting. and i think the canucks stand a far better chance of beating the blackhawks than the flames. canucks do have a good record against the flames, but all the games have been very close unlike against the b'whores. but i'll take whatever playoff hockey i can get.


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