Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's like Christmas times a million

Flames get Jordan Leopold AND Olli Jokinen? It can't be true can it? Olli Jokinen the bonified first line center that Sutter has been eyeing for years and Leopold another key piece from the flames cup run? Sutter did that? Darryl Sutter, the GM who never ever makes a huge trade deadline deal? Sutter got me everything I could ever have asked for this year and more. And Matthew Lombardi even proved useful. Mark my words, being traded for Jokinen will be the highlight of his career. In being traded for Jokinen he just won us the cup. But in all seriousness I don't actually hate Lombo and I think I should state that now. He was occasionally and extremely good player, and I only really make fun of him because he was never anywhere near as good as people thought he could be. But now that he's leaving I want to wish him luck in the rest of his career. That doesn't mean I'm done making fun of him though. But seriously. Olli Jokinen. Daryl, you now own Calgary. Anything you need, just ask. This totally kicks the crap out of Vancouver getting Sundin. Ok, I need to catch my breath.


Ok here's my first ever attempt at a deadline day haiku:

Steve M dealt by ducks
for Petterri Nokelain…
Name’s too long, that sucks

And another; sorry if it sounds a little too cheerleader-ish but I'm really excited about the flames' deals today. I can't help it.

Darryl freaking rules
Other GMs got nothing,
They all look like tools

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