Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Deadline Day Approaching Soon, i'll be posting till right past noon

ranger antropov,
don't put him with avery,
that is slavery

this one is funny because everyone knows that burke wanted a first round pick for antropov. suck it burky!!!

carcillo to philly for upshall and a second!!! how does this one make any fucking sense. firstly, i think upshall is a better player than carcillo. and then the second round draft gets thrown in. carcillo has 10 points in 54 games this season. while upshall has 21 points in 55 games. this makes absolutely no sense. upshall is a RFA at the end of the season whereas carcillo is an rfa in another season, so maybe they just wanted someone long term. sportsnet is saying it might be because philly needed to free up some cap space for another trade.

ok, heres a few notes. Pittsburgh gets Gurein for barely anything. guerins point totals are less than satans, but guerin is likely to score more now that he is around players that understand the meaning of the word 'hockey'. still, i would say that he is only a marginal upgrade over satan, and with Whitney gone as well pitssburgh has gotten weaker on defense. maybe they will trade for a new defender. still, the amount of size they have added to their offense in the past week is tremendous. kunitz and guerin will make them a powerhouse which they were lacking last year. Malkins point totals dropped off in the third and fourth rounds in the 08 playoffs because he didnt have the toughness to play at that intensity, that wont happen with kunitz and guerin.

also, jokinen has been number 12 for a while. if iginla is truly the nice guy that everyone says that he is, i hope that he hands over the number 12 to jokinen. and while he's at it he mine as well give him the 'C' as well.

plus, im starting a rumour about the potential return of forsberg. you heard it right here from the BOWC first, he's going to announce his return to the nhl today.


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  1. Ya looks like today was a disaster for Burke. So much for my prediction yesterday. Oh well, in this case I'm happy to be wrong.