Monday, March 23, 2009

Capology of the Flames

It is sad because Mike Cammalleri has played so well for us this year, however, recent reports have him saying he wants 6 million dollars.

'60 MILLION DOLLARS? Who do you think you kidnapped, Chelsey Clinton?" - Chris Tucker

'6 MILLION DOLLARS? Who do you think you are, Jarome Iginla?" - Hal

Jokinen is making less than that, Jarome is only making a million more and he's the heart and soul of our team.

I have a feeling that Jokinen might be traded come free agent day to free up cap space and get some assests in return. Either way, we can't go on with the payroll we have. We also need to clear up money to resign The Tooze. THAT IS WHY THIS YEAR IS CALGARY'S YEAR

It looks like Cammy is gone, but I doubt he'll get the 6 million dollars he wants, that's way too much money for a guy who really just has one amazing quality (his one timer). Plus he seems like the type of guy who would slump after getting dealt a huge contract and extension ... let's hope he pulls through in the playoffs. ALso, with the cap reportedly going down, there's no one in their right mind or is incompetent enough to sign Cammy for that type of money ... oh wait, I forgot about Glen Sathers, nevermind.


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