Tuesday, February 10, 2009


  • Something really insane to point out.

Red Sox - World Series Champions 2004
New England Patriots - Superbowl Champions 2004
Boston Celtics - NBA Championship 2008
Boston Bruins - ???

If the Bruins were to win a Stanley Cup this year, Boston Teams would have won every single Championship in all four major sports within a span of five years. That is such an amazing feat. Their fans probably do not realize how fortunate they are (or maybe they do after that 90 year long Championship drought for the Red Sox). Since I love greatness, I am semi routing for them to win the Cup, also, Kobasew gets to drink from Lord Stanley's mug.

  • Marcus Naslund gets to play with Sean Avery soon. I wonder if NY will be a better team with Avery
  • From what I can tell, it seems like Phaneuf and Cuthbert were romantically linked around May 6th. The Flames lost to the Sharks on Tuesday April 22. A mere, two weeks later, Phaneuf and Cuthbert are in Hawaii splashing around like idiots. Phaneuf has got to stop thinking with his dick and start thinking with his hockey mind (because his real mind probably doesn't do that much thinking) Phaneuf is on a career low for goals and has even a worse plus minus than Todd 'The Franchise" Bertuzzi, with a -11. Don't give me the 'he plays big minutes so he's obviously going to get scored a lot' because Regher plays just as much, doesn't get many points and is a +8.
  • Maybe we can fit Jason Spezza on the trade deadline. Word has it that people are fed up with the pushover/defensive liability star center there and want him out. He wouldn't fit the Flames mold at all and could quite possibly hurt the team, but he is a number one center and it would be cool to get a big name player at the trade deadline on the team
  • Chicago is seating at a cool 3rd place in this week's TSN power ranking. They just got killed 7-3 against Vancouver and Detroit is on a four game winning streak. Biased piece of garbage
  • Michael Phelps is a stoner and can still win 8 gold medals at the Beijing Olympics. Man, he must be good, maybe they should give him another gold if he won any races while high
  • I'm jumping off the Barack Obama bandwagon. I wanted him to win because Hilary is a bitch and Palin is an idiot but he seems to be more of a celebrity than President at the moment. Let's stop glorifying him until he actually does something amazing. Plus, the awesomest half african person is still Jarome Iginla so suck it Obama.

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  1. i think everytime boston bruins fans get to see kobasew put his number 19 sweater on and hop out onto the ice, boston citizens realize how lucky they are to live in boston.