Monday, February 9, 2009

Potential Centers to Fill the Flames Void

I scrolled through and looked at all the centers which are going to be UFA's next season and are on a team which would likely make a trade. For example, i excluded saku koivu and robert lang from the list because i don't think that montreal will be in a position to trade away players come deadline day. It is also possible that the Flames could bring on a center that isn't a UFA next season in which case i may have overlooked someone.

Tim Connoly- he played really well for the Sabres in their run to the east finals. so he's got the experience. but im not sure that he would be too much of an improvement over conroy and langkow (although i might repeat this logic with every player i mention in this list).

Mike Peca- not a great goal scorer but he's very defensively minded. iginla would be able to go up on the rush and try risky plays while peca would shut things down defensively.

Joe Sakic-this would be great. the way st louis is playing colorado will soon be at the bottom of the conference. could the avs trade their franchis player? it depends, what are the flames willing to give up?

Doug Weight- id say he definitely will be traded at the deadline. he's a bit old and washed up but he might have it in him for one more cup run.

Gary Roberts (not a center)- i thought i'd include him anyway because if he is healthy he is extremely clutch. in the playoffs last year he outplayed malkin. he's also an ex-flame. i think GR is the only player that can make the flames a stanley cup contender. he's the only player thats worth his hearts weight in gold.

Nik Antropov-leafs couldn't trade anyone last deadline. maybe this deadline burke will pull the trigger. burke is gonna want a lot of return for antropov and i doubt any trade would be worth it. but there's no doubt in my mind that a european center with hands would definitely be an improvement for the flames.

Mats Sundin-i doubt the flames have the cap space to absorb this. but the canucks sure have sucked lately and they might be sellers at the deadline.

Henrik Sundin- hank is the perfect set up man. he only has had a few goals this season, most of his points come from setting up daniel. i'd do the trade for lombardi and a first.

Sergei Fedorov- i doubt washington would be in sell mode. and even if they are he would be a flop. but its still a fun thing to think about.


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  3. Nice work Hark. I like the sound of Nik Antropov, but like you say it would be costly.

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