Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I can't believe that we're actually talking about getting rid of fighting in hockey. If players don't want to fight they are allowed to be a pussy and decline and go to the bench. all we are doing is saving the sissy swedes from public scrutiny by ridding fighting. yeah, its bad that that guy died in a fight. but you don't have to take off your helmet in the fight. sure, you are a pussy if you don't take off your helmet. but you'll still be tougher than the sissy swede that walked to the bench.

booing teams off the ice. i fully endorse this. i have seen it a lot recently in canucks games, and i saw it in the oilers 3-1 loss against chicago. fans pay good money to see games. and if their team sucks, they should get to boo them and go home from the game talking about how their team is made up of a bunch of bums. screw team loyalty. if your team sucks you have to let them know. maybe they don't know they suck and you are doing them a favor. plus it sounds like it would be really fun to get drunk and go to a hockey game and boo your own team off the ice, but thats just my opinion.


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  1. Good point about booing your team. I definitely think there are times when it is called for, like when Edmonton lost 10-2. And it isn't bandwagoning to boo your team when they play terrible and cheer when they don't suck either. It's all part of being a fan if you ask me.