Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Lombardi Lap

1. Start
2. Accelerate... across the entire rink and around the opposing net
3. Shoot
4. Collect puck from corner which was saved/blocked/fanned on/accidentally left behind during step 2 without you realising it
5. Look pretty for the cameras/14 year old female fans/Marion Gaborik when he's in town
6. Repeat
There's still time to trade this guy Sutter...


  1. Whoa, I just commented on another post and this came up. Very, very nice. Although, doesn't he usually do his patented curve in front of the net instead of behind it? Maybe he learnt a new trick I am not aware of.

    someone else

    for Spezza

  2. I think he just takes the path of least resistance, where he can stay the farthest from opposing players. You're right though he usually does curve to the front of the net at the last second. My bad.

  3. Actually I'm pretty sure he does this a lot too so its all good.