Friday, February 27, 2009

Kobasew to the Ducks??

On a recent TSN panel, it is apparent that Chris Pronger is being shopped, and one of the leading teams to acquiring him are the Boston Bruins.

When the panel was discussing who they would trade to get Pronger, Patrice Bergeron and Chuck Kobasew came up. That would suck for Kobasew. Being on the #1 team in the East and then getting traded to a team that might not even make the playoffs.

I could see Boston giving up Bergeron, Kobasew and a couple picks if they were to go in that direction. They are losing their heart and soul of their team if they were to make that move and it would definitely be a slap in their fan's faces.

However, I know Chucky will shine wherever he is.



  1. Boston making a trade that huge would be retarded. Why mess with the amazing chemistry their team has? Not to mention they already have an elite d-man in Chara.

  2. Nothing wrong with two elite d men. They are in talks with Bergeron because he has been out pretty much most of the year and not exactly contributing. He is an expendable asset in their mind.

  3. Sure but take out Kobasew and Bergeron and the team chemistry could really suffer. Since I personally think the only reason they are even close to the top of the nhl right now is team chemistry, I don't think that's a smart gamble.

  4. I think what you meant to say is, take out Kobasew from any team would cause their team to suffer

  5. kobasew to anaheim would be good because that would mean we (as western conference team fans) would get to see kobasew four times a year. ive got my fingers crossed. Maybe the canucks can trade ohlund to boston for kobasew.