Monday, February 23, 2009

Kobasew Recieves One Write in Vote for Player of the Week

On it gives you the option to vote for player of the week. the three candidates are the highest point producers in the league. but then you get a write in candidate as well. i wrote in for chuck because he is great.

also, why the fuck did sean penn win the academy award for best actor? Mickey Rourke or Brad Pitt should have definitely won. then sean penn gets up on stage and tries to push his political activism.

Heath Ledger won. This was no surprise. RDJ should have won for playing a black man. but the fact that RDJ was nominated probably speaks to the fact that Heath was guaranteed to win. But all in all it was a good year for celebrities that have battled with drug and alchohol addictions thorughout their career: ledger, rourke and RDJ. did i miss any?


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