Monday, December 8, 2008

The Ultimate Hypothetical Situation

What do you think would happen if say, hypothetically, Kiprusoff's son was kidnapped by a terrorist organization that demanded that he not let in a single goal in the playoffs and the Flames win the Stanley Cup in order to get his son back alive.
And if Gary Bettman decided to cancel the Stanley Cup Playoffs because of the situation, they would nuke the 10 largest cities in the world.

So now that there was to be hockey in the playoffs. And Kiprusoff was playing, would anyone dare score on him?

Would the Flames win the Stanley Cup? Or would one team beat Calgary. Wouldn't that weigh heavily on their conscience?

The ratings might actually be the highest in hockey history becasue everyone would be tuning in on the dramatic event, even though the hockey might be the worst in history since everyone would be too scared to score on Calgary.



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  1. when calgary meets pittsburgh in the final, sidney crosby will look like the devil.