Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Super Rant

As the followers of our blog will know, I am a huge weekly Power Rankings fan. If I had more time, I'd probably make a weekly one myself.
However, this current edition has got me thinking: CHeck out the rank of the Chicago Blackhawks in the TSN and SI power rankings.

Chicago TSN Rank: 5 (Last week 8)

Chicago SI Rank: 7 (Last week 13)

Of course, each ranking is based on how the team performed during that week, but the overall record should be taken into account as well. How Chicago was placed 8th last week and 5th this week is very surprising.

Let's take a look at their record which is currently:
Wins: 12

Oh man! THat is so awesome, they have twice as many wins as losses. They are a stacked superstar team that definitely deserves to be rated so highly.

Oh wait ... just one thing, they have 7 OT LOSSES.
So their record is a cool 12 - 6 - 7. Not bad, not bad at all ... however, if you think about it like a non-bitch, they've actually lost more times than they've won.

They are 12-13 for crying out loud, not even above 0.500!!!! Look, yadda yadda yadda, You still get a point for losing in OT, that's great, but you think the players are like "yahooo, we got a point" after a shootout or OT loss? NO , it still hurts like a loss because it IS a loss. They are 12 - 13 in my mind and they are overrated. They shouldn't be NEARLY this high on the rankings.

Calgary is a combined respectable 16-12 after their current loss to Montreal and even the oilers are 13-13.

To me, that's the REAL way to judge if you're a 0.500 club. You gotta look at the OT losses, you just gotta.



  1. A shootout loss is total bullshit, practically a flip of a coin. Count OT losses if you want, but ignore shootout losses. That's just the nhl handing out free wins like they're candy.

  2. Good in depth analysis of the power rankings. maybe because TSN or SI is trying to promote the young talent of the nhl in the form of J-Tave. You see undeserving people make it into positions of nomination because the teams they play for. phaneuf is top 8 in the league but he wasnt top 3 last year. its the extra exposure he gets as being part of the calgary flames that got him the norris nomination and elishas heart. howkey writers in anaheim werent doing a good enogh job of c-prog and dallas on zubov for last season.