Friday, December 12, 2008

lance armstrong

this guy deserves more mention from hark. hes coming back to race the tour de france this year. everyone is putting odds on favorites for his teammate alberto contador to win the tour. but if lance could beat cancer to win the tour, could he not beat old age to win the tour? apparently when he watched the tour de france last year said that it was very slow, and he expected more from the young racers in the peleton.

here are the betting odds for lance armstrong this season

Odds on Armstrong to win the 2009 Tour 7/2

odds To win the 2009 Dauphine Libere & 2009 Tour de France 9

Odds Armstrong Removed from the Tour for testing positive for a banned substance 10

best betting dot com

i wonder who gets to make sporting odds. that would be the funnest job for me if i had pursued an economics degree.


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