Friday, December 12, 2008

The Kolvachuk Sweepstakes

Apparently trade rumors with Ilya have been growing increasingly louder.
Atlanta is an awful team, and Ilya's contract expires in two years. Would the Trasher's organization even consider trading this superstar?

I have heard talks of him going to Ottawa, but that means for sure Spezzer or someone would be moved as well. Heatley/Hossa worked well, maybe this will be alright too. Ottawa is pretty bad already.

Penguins already took Hossa last year, maybe they will play double trouble and get Kolvachuk. Everyone knows they need a half decent winger to play with Crosby or Malkin, so that would be one deadly powerplay. Actually I don't like the sound of Crosby , Malkin, Gonchar, Kolvachuk on the PP, that's too many Russians.

Vancouver offered Mats Sundin 10 million dollars. Would they offer Kolvachuk 20, because he's twice the player Sundin is? They have the cap space to get him, and if Anson Carter can get 30 goals with the Sedin Twins, slot KOlvachuk in for 75.

Or he could stay in Atlanta even though no one cares about hockey there.


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