Monday, December 29, 2008

Cherapanov Dopes

It was released today that Cherapanov had been doping with PED's (performance enhancing drugs) for several months before his death. He probably would not have been able to dope if he came into the NHL.

Last season Sean Hill of the Minnesota Wild was suspended for a long period of time because his urine samples tested positive for PED's. He was humiliated by the media and had a rough time coming back to the game after his suspension.

Going to Russia could be an incentive to dope. What if next season all the players that left the NHL to play in russia com back to north american and are superhumans. Emery will lead the sens to an 82-0 season. Jagr will score 50 goals in 50 games. Marcel Hossa will come back and outscore his brother. And Radulov will sign a 10 million dollar contract and score 60 goals.

If its true that the KHL offers a breeding ground for NHL players to retreat from the NHL spotlight and play hockey while taking PED's, then the KHL can become the Club Med of the league. Players can take season long vacations, do lots of physical training and lots of PED's.

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