Monday, December 1, 2008


Brian Burke and Sean Avery have a lot in common. Both are incredible at using the media for their advantage. Avery is a pest, not only on the ice but off the ice as well. He's proven himself clutch in the playoffs. But the only reason he is considered a hockey celebrity is because he makes interesting comments to the media. He called iginla boring the other day. And Hockey News awards him with their 'greatest pest' award for these accalades.

Brian Burke is also very good at using the media. His high profile tiff with Kevin Lowe garnered him sports headlines across the country for months. Every couple weeks one of them had a rebuttal to the other. As a lawyer, he knows the english language well enough to give the most non-commital answers possible, so that the media can tear apart his quotes for weeks. Look at how the Neidermyer retirement issue plagued the media for months.

Both Avery and Burke know how to play with the media of the hockey world. I think this only helps them when it comes time to negotiate their contracts. By the by, avery makes more than burke.

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