Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sports Illustrated Power Ranking

One of my favorite pastimes (as lame as it seems) is reading over power rankings. Usually the best ones that I read are: TSN, ESPN, and SI. It's fun little facts about each team and how they faired during the week.

Here's a pretty good exerpt from a SI writer. He ranked the Flames 16th on the list, but he has agreed with me:

"When are we going to stop referring to the play of Miikka Kiprusoff as a slump and consider that maybe he's lost his edge? Sure, the struggling defense is compounding the problem, but Kipper is doing nothing to keep his team in games. He's given up fewer than four goals once in his last five starts. Heck, he gave up four in the first period alone against the Sharks on Thursday. The Flames need Kiprusoff to find himself fast. They face a divisional home-and-home against the Avs, then Detroit on Saturday"

However, apparently this writer also picked the Stars to win the Stanley Cup ... about that.


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