Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chuck Kobasew scores two in Boston win

We have 9 people who voted for our poll? I didn't even know we had readers ... is this some sort of trick?

Anyways, Chucky had a great night tonight, scoring two goals. He's had three multi point games this season. What a guy. Imagine if they start playing him with Patrice Bergeron or Marc Savard!

This is how good Chuckie is :
From TSN:

Kobasew seemed to deflate Buffalo when he scored a bizarre goal from behind the Sabres net. His shot hit off the back of goalie Ryan Miller's leg for Boston's first lead of the night.

"I just got lucky," Kobasew said. "I try it once in a while and if it works, it works. . if not, you hope it bounces to a teammate."

He is so good that he practices scoring by shooting from BEHIND THE NET. What a goal-scorers goal as they say in the entertainment industry.


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