Saturday, November 29, 2008

Random 2:40am ramblings

HEy Harc, I dunno how the live blog works, so it's up to you to carry HNIC live blog this week.

Chuck Kobasew had a goal today. He is averaging a point a game, teetering on superstardom. I wonder if they sell Kobasew shirts in Boston. I should've asked my friend to check when he was down there. DAMNIT

Flames vs. Canucks tomorrow.
My predication, Flames win 4-2. We got the momentum, we got the crowd, we got the win.

How does the media always know who is in or out of shape? I Guess they have the inside connections. But last year they said Kipper was way outta shape? Do they just watch practices and see him huffing and puffing. OR this year, everyone is saying to get Dustin Penner a thighmaster 1000, can you really tell if someone is out of shape by watching a game, or by inside sources? Maybe I'm just not pro enough, that's why I'll stick to blogging

Curse of the Edmonton Forward

All their 'big forward acquisition' in each of the past three years
Joffery Lupul. Dustin Penner. Eric Cole.

Still early for Cole, but the curse continues.


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