Friday, November 28, 2008

Brian Burke

Hey Hal,

what do you think of the live blog idea? should we do it for HNIC? I had my obama/mccain course last night so i was unavailable.

Anyways, I have tried not to talk about Brian Burke too much because it is not hockey news. But it becomes hockey news when we realize that the toronto head office is the stupidest organization in the league. they are paying burke 18 million for the next 6 years. Burke recieves the most glamorous GM job in the league, and Toronto Maple Leafs fans think they have the new messiah. Everybody wins.

Wrong. burke sucks. With the canucks, most of the core was around when brian burke came in. bertuzzi and naslund had already been gotten. burkes biggest trade was bure for jovanaski (it was a good trade but i think he could have got a bit more considering it was pavel bure!!!!). In Anaheim he did an amazing job to get pronger and neidermyer. But anaheim was bound to fulfill the prophecy of the stanley cup losers (carolina, anaheim, then calgary... but the gods have given calgary a one year window of leeway considering the nhl lockout.)

Burke is so full of himself. when he first came to van he promised canucks fans the playoffs in his first year of office and the stanley cup by his third year in office. Im not even sure if we made the playoffs by his third year in office.

Im certain that he promised toronto a stanley cup if they gave him a 6 year contract. 6 years should be enough to get toronto at least to the semis again. if not they can fire burke and he can get paid out the remainder of his contract. If toronto makes the playoffs i will cheer for them. Just so i can watch brian burke celebrate in the press box as he wipes the hot dog mustard from his face.


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