Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our Boys Back

Great Game for chuck last night. ever since i saw him net a hatrick in a flames/oilers pre season gamee 6 years ago, i knew the kid was special. i thought his injury was going to be a bit longer. now that hes back, bostons season should be back on the right track. They're currently in second place in the eastern conference with 19 points. They also have the second lowest goals against in the eastern conference. i think tim thomas had to pick up his game during chucks absence.

check out this video of don cherry. Its pretty funny even though i could have chosen a more sentimental remembrance day one for this time of year. I can not reiterate enough that when don cherry dies, the world of hockey broadcasting will be screwed. If i have to start watching bob mckenzie and kelly hrudey, i think im going to trade in my tv and start listening to games on the radio.

The "Lou-domino" effect(trademark of BOWC)

Loungo is 10th in the league in gaa, and 11th in the league in save percentage. yet he has the most shutouts by a longshot with 5 (second place only has 2). There have been many games this season where luongo has let in upwards of 4 goals. as soon as lou lets in one goal, there is a high potential that it is going to be a high scoring night. hes so concerned with the shutout, that after he lets in one goal he loses his willingness to save.

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