Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our 200th Post

Kyle Weellwood was telling journalists that if he expected to continue playing with the canucks, he was going to have to score a goal a game. Wellwood has almost done that ever since his introduction into the lineup since demitra's injury. in only 8 games with the canucks, he is leading the team in scoring with 6 goals. good on you wellwood.

Calgary vs. Vancouver: scoring amongs defenceman

Canucks top goal scorer is Bieksa with 2 goals and 8 assists. Mitchell and salo each have 6 points, all in assists. And Ohlund has 2 goals and 5 points.

Flames top goal scorer is Phaneuf with 2 goals and 9 points. Then Aucoin and Giordano have 4 points. Regher has two points in 11 games.

Canucks point totals amongst top 4 defenceman: 25 points

Canucks defenceman are doing a pretty good job. bieksa looks really improved this season compared to last (but still not as good as the season that earned him the 4 million dollar contract). Salo needs to start scoring goals, the guy just cant hit the net.

Flames: 19 points

It looks like Regehr needs to pick up his point totals. Hey hal, how has he been playing defensively? Does he look like hes playing injured? who needs scoring from defence when you've got bertuzzi on o'.

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