Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Earlier this year, i wrote that Bertuzzi had two potentials asa player for this seaswon. 1)He could be the Bertuzzi of recent years, that floats around the ice and second guesses himself. or 2)He could be the Bertuzzi of old, that was a superstar for the vancouver canucks with a very physical presence.

It is becoming clear, that Beruzzi is neither of these players. Rather, he has reinvented himself. He does not have an enormous physical presence on the ice. He is leaving the fighting up to Jarome Iginla, and hasn't thrown down too many enormous hits. But he is still scoring an amazing amount of goals, and despite his only two assists thus far, he is making some amazing passes. His lines are consistently deadly everytimes that BErtuzzi is on the ice. I have not seen the spinaroma so far this season, which was the trademark move of BErtuzzi of old.

Congratulations to the New BErtuzzi. You make my world go round.


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