Friday, November 7, 2008

Kippersoft of Old

Looks like Kiprusoff is back to his old (and crappy) self, letting in 13 goals in the past three games. Were those six games where he played amazing just a fluke? Or have these three games just been an anomaly?

I haven't seen him play, but I watched the highlight of yesterday's game where he let in six goals. It seems that at least four weren't his fault though.
2 goals on 5 on 3s
1 goal on a penalty shot because stupid Aucoin is too slow
1 goal where Shea Weber burst in with no one defending him.

So more defensive/penalties that contributed to the high goals against.

We'll see how he does next game though. I don't think any Flames games are airing this weekend.

Meanwhile, Roberto Luongo has had three shutouts in the last five games. Is that some sort of record?

Bertuzzi seems to have fallen off the 50 goals in 50 games road, but he needs three points next game to be on pace for a point a game. The highlights during the Nashville game, it seemed he played amazing, and all the assists were beautiful tape to tape passes.


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