Friday, November 7, 2008

A BOWC Apology to Kevin Weekes

Sorry Kevin that you suck so much. You have the most useless job in the NHL (backing up Martin Brodeur). And the one time that marty gets injured the team starts to look for a short term replacement. Kevin has been in the NHL for well over a decade, but it was only this past week that he got his 100th win. i remember when he used to play for the vancouver canucks. his tombstone still rests in the canucks graveyard, right beside the pre-emptive luongo tomstone (1978-2009).

spector is suggesting that the oilers may have a goalie to trade. i suspect roloson would be the goalie. roloson is one of the biggest divers in the nhl, but hes also a pretty decent goalie when hes healthy. i would love to see the devils give weekes a chance and not spring for a replacement. if reports are true that brodeur could be back in 2 months, then maybe weekes can ride it out (but reports are never true).


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