Sunday, October 12, 2008

New national Anthem

The CBC has chosen the new theme song for Hockey Night in Canada. The Finalists were a thirteen year old kid and a music teacher. The music teacher won. I wonder how much work the thirteen year old kids parents did for him? Both were pretty good songs nonetheless. I voted for the winning won (it cost me 50 cents via text message). I like the bagpipes in the song.

In other HNIC news, if anyone thought it was impossible to choose a worse hockey analyst than Kelly Hrudey, they have recently been proven wrong. Kelly and Ron are now joined with legendary GM Mike Millbury. Mike Millbury known for such ridiculous signings such as Alexei Yashin to a long ten million dollar contract (which the isles will still be paying out for years to come), trading Bryan McCabe and Todd Bertuzzi for a washed up Trevor Linden, and trading Roberto Luongo and Oli Jokinen for Mark Parrish (Mark who?). Yeah, i really want this genius to analyze the game. At least he makes Kelly Hrudey look a little bit smarter (not much). But i feel sorry for Ron Mclean. He starts the 4 oclock game, and has to work with mean Don Cherry who yells at him. And then at the 7 oclock game, he has to work with 'dumb and dumber' (copyright Battle of Western Canada) and put up with their shinanigans. Ron Mclean is Jesus reincarnate, for not having blown up at the people he has worked with.


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