Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bertuzzi the Beheamath

At the end of the third period, Todd Bertuzzi was given a penalty for hitting Canucks Ryan Johnson into the boards.  Ryan Johnson embelished the hit, but Bertuzzi should still not have hit someone who's back was completely to the boards (it's risky so late in the game).  If any other player in the league hit Johnson, the penalty would not have been called, but all you need from Bertuzzi is a little nudge to send you flying.  The guy is 245 pounds for crying out loud.  It was good that Iggy stuck up for him, and yelled at the referees about the poor call.

Bertuzzi draws so much attention from the referees (he always had), he needs a friend to stick up for him.  Naslund did a pretty good job of it in vancouver.  In anaheim and Detroit the captain would never be on the ice at the same time as bert, so it was tougher there.

I loved how Bert looks so frustrated when he's in the box.  muttering things like "thats not a penalty" "this is ridiculous", all while shaking his head and looking confused.  Expect this from Bertuzzi all season long.  It's always good for a laugh.

Bertuzzi plays the game with so much emotion, and he doesn't think before he acts (this is excactly how steve moore happened).  But this is the bertuzzi that you want on your team.  Not the bertuzzi that floats around the ice, second guessing himself (this is the bertuzzi i have seen the past 3 seasons).  In both losses this season, bertuzzi has looked decent.    He's been wearing his heart on his sleeve.  Thank you Jeremy Roenick Rejuvination machine (patent pending).


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