Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Hockey Night in Canada Song

This song isn't very good. It actually is pretty decent, but the fact that we've grown up with the old one doesn't help. I was watching TSN today and they played the old Hockey Night in Canada song and it just felt right.
The guy who made the song is gonna get so much Canadian poon though, I think he's married though.

Flames Nucks rematch. Will Bertuzzi still wear the A even if Regher is back?

Other little notes from around the league:

  • Chuck Kobasew is on pace for 164 points. 0 goals - 164 assists. Can he do it? Tune in tonight to see if he gets another two assists. His career high was last year with 39 points I think. I'm thinking he'll crack the 50 mark since Patrice is back
  • The boys are coming over to watch the game, too bad you weren't here Hark, it would've been a good time
  • I bet Comrie is giving thanks that he's still dating Hilary Duff
  • Ovechkin seems to be the consensus #1 pick in fantasy hockey pools, last year he slipped to fourth. What a difference a year makes. Also, the consensus #1 fantasy pick is ALWAYS the player who had the most points last year, although other than Wayne Gretzky and Super Mario, that is hardly the case.
  • Jennifer Hedger is still the hottest sports announcer
  • Quote of the year "My claim to fame was making Wayne Gretzky's head bleed in Swingers" - Jeremy Roenick talking about NHL 94 with Cabbie. JR is amazing
  • Nick Kypreos on Sportsnet seems like a very mean guy. He wanted to strangle another broadcaster who was pushing his buttons
  • I don't understand this lockout because Anze Kopitar is making almost as much as Jarome Iginla
  • Pierre McGuires' 2010 Olympic List: he forgot about Dan Boyle on his watch list
  • You know preseason means nothing when Andy Mcdonald can score 13 points in 4 games, and David Moss nearly averages a goal a game.
  • Has Marcus Naslund been hooked up to the Jeremy Roenick Rejuvination Machine? He's averaging a point a game this season playing with Scott Gomez
  • If Kippersoft lets in 5 or more goals tonight, he has official lost it. No more excuse

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