Friday, October 10, 2008

Canucks 6, Flames Zip

Overall, It was a pretty good game. The First period was all Flames, but they were not able to capitalize. They had really good puck posession, but absolutely no finish. Bertuzzi was noticeable on the ice, and he definitely was not floating, but he could have had a better game. Kipper let in a couple softies, and Luongo played pretty good too (he got the shutout afterall).

It was a good night for Alex Burrows. He had two goals, both of them were sniped. The canucks third line this year is Burrows, Kesler, Hansen. Kesler is a good two way forward (Mike Peca Style). Although, one time, Mike Peca was questioned by a journalist about the comparisons that he and Kesler get, and Peca said that Kesler was more of a diver. But Kesler is a very decent third line center, and he's going to be a clutch player for the canucks in the future. Hansen is a young star. His best days with the canucks were against Dallas in the 2006 playoff series. He has some really nice moves, but no finish.

Daniel Sedin had 3 assists last night. Good on him, the Sedin line looked deadly. The new addition, Steve Bernier, had a goal. If Anson Carter could get 30 goals on the Sedin line, i think Bernier will be able to as well.


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