Monday, October 27, 2008

Canucks Game

Today the canucks will be playing the Boston Bruins. The Bruins have been Kobasew-less since game 1. My buddies over at the 2 Man Advantage, were commenting that its a pretty dismal season for boston, when chuck kobasew gets injured and your playoff hopes look dim. I think my buddy Hal would beg the differ. I think my buddy Hal would have 34 reasons why Chuck Kobasew can make your team better (Kobasew had 34 goals with his 4 seasons with the flames).

Boston is in third place in their division with 11 points, while the canucks are last place in their division with 8 points.

Flames will be playing Colorado. Arguably the 2 best Canadian leaders are squaring off in this match (Joe Sakic vs. Jarmoe Iginla). I have been really surprised that the Avalanche have not been a significantly better team since the acquisition of Ryan smyth. Smitty was so clutch for the oilers, but it must be harder having an impact with Burnaby Joe around.

Canucks game is on at 7 on tsn while the flames game is on sportsnet west. who are edmontonians going to be cheering for in the flames/avs game Hal? are they still in love with smitty over there?

I'm outty 5000 take it sleazy,


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