Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Around the League

Another segment from around the league:

Edmonton Oilers are 4-1 right off the bat, did anyone see that one coming?

Figures that St.Louis would start slowing down after I pick up Paul Kariya in one of my hockey pools

For supposedly being one of the best players on the team, Jonathan Toews hasn't done much. I'm still annoyed that he's Captain.

What's more surprising, the Stars having the worst GA in the league, or the Ducks winning two of seven games.

I am so happy the Lightening are awful. They were so full of themselves for signing so many free agents. Hello, did 2005-2006 Pittsburgh call? You can't just throw together players when you sign a highly touted rookie. Speaking of rookies, how is Stamkos doing? Does he have a point yet?

The Philadelphia FLyers haven't won a single game. Your prediction is looking pretty bad Hark ... I'm sure they will pick it up if Biron can get his act together

That Bieska hit/beat down was outrageous. What a monster, I'd like to see him and Phanuef square off

Surprises: Vanek leading the NHL in scoring, the other Alexander leading the capitals in scoring, Bertuzzi of old.

Not living up: Kopitar signs a massive contract and can't produce, what's wrong with Turco? , Did the Blackhawks fire their coach too early? Marian Hossa hasn't done much, but he doesn't need to. He can coast the whole way and step it up during playoffs and no one would blame him. Unless they didn't win the cup

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