Friday, September 19, 2008

News From the Flames Training Camp

Keenan On Bert: 'I'm going to start with he, Langkow and Iginla and go from there and evaluate the players as we go along.'

Bertuzzi on 'Playing with Jarome': ''It's pretty flattering. He's probably one of the top-three players in the NHL right now.'

Iginla on Bert's Health: ''He looks great. Everybody knows him as a big power forward, but he's extremely skilled and really great in front of the net obviously, but a really good passer.i think it'll be exciting. I've had an opportunity to play with him before and I liked it.''

The city has mixed feelings on whether they can forgive bertuzzi or not. But Mike Keenan is a man that doesn't give a shit about his reputation, and has been characterized as 'captain hook' for his tactic of repeatedly switching his goalie. Watch for Iron Mike to do illogical moves such as giving bertuzzi more ice time, when the media is bashing big bert for the next unfolding in the Steve Moore legal saga.

Bertuzzi has the potential to fill a very core role in the team with the vacancies of Huselius and Tanguay. if Bertuzzi earns some time on the powerplay with Iggy, maybe he can find some chemistry with Iginla and work his way to the top-line on a regular basis. But if the Bertuzzi of the two-seasons-past prevails, then your left with a 2 millioni dollar floating beheameth that drags in loads of negative media attention.

But if there ever was a player that could bring about a renaissance in the superstardom of Todd Bertuzi, it certainly would be Jarome Iginla.

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