Thursday, June 12, 2008

What Shall Brian Burke Do?

Currently his team is sitting with a salary of 51 million dollars. He Still needs to sign Corey Perry. Does he let him walk as an RFA and accept compensation? Or do you trade away a player to free up cap space to sign perry? Given that the ducks have already lost McDonald, Bryzgalov and Penner, Burke will probably want to sign perry.

Teemu Selanne and Doug Weight are UFA's, and there will not be enough cap space to sign them. This will inspire future posts concerning their 'sweepstakes'.

Does Brian Burke disassemble the league's strongest defence to free up cap space? You can't trade Beauchemin because he only makes 1.65. Pronger and Neidermyer are almost untouchable. So the odd man out is Schneider and his 5.65. On offence you could also trade Bertuzzi. But with his 4 million dollar salary you would get very little return. Anaheim is in a very sticky situation.

I'm starting to think that Brian Burke might not be such a smart man afterall. Maybe Toronto Maple Leaf fans will agree with me in about 4 or 5 years.


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