Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kristian Husalius Sweepstakes

This guy was a steal for the Calgary Flames for 1.4 million a year. His 66 points was second in the team behind Jarome Iginla.

However, he played 81 games this season. If you take away the three games where he had 12 points, he had 54 points in 78 games. His stock will be inflated on July 1st for teams looking for secondary scoring. Little do they know, the former 'HuDANGlius' has no heart and is pretty much a huge bitch. He could play well on a team that does not care about defense. There is something about him where he can be a superstar and then disappear. It goes far beyond inconstiency.

Also, in the playoffs, he has done absolutely nothing. He shows up for minutes at a time, dazzling you in front of your eyes and then dissapearing for the rest of the game. I hate him.

There will be many teams interested in him for the sole purpose of secondary scoring.

Teams he will not go to:
Flames, Devils, Wild, Panthers, Bruins, Canucks (Although the All Swedish Line would be pretty good)

This blogger thinks he would be a good fit in Edmonton. They have cap room, and Sam Gagner was a -21. He could thrive on a skilled, young line that will give up tons of goals, but produce many points.

Going to Tampa Bay may be decent for him as well, playing with Lecaviler and St.Louis would inflate his stats. Also, their team blows so he wouldn't have to worry about backchecking or clearing the puck correctly since everyone assumes he'll be a minus player anyways. As long as there is no pressure, he'll be ok.

Fuck you Husalius. Fuck you


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